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Creating A Life Of Happiness, Wealth & Success
“Thanks To Cutting-Edge Technology And Hard Scientific Evidence!”

Within its pages, Your Greatness Revealed offers you a formula to achieve your personal purpose. 
This works by enhancing your thought process with the aid of cutting edge technology to make any changes you choose... 
Not only to improve your creative potential and increase your intelligence, but to tear down your blocks and deeply heal.


How This Book Will Help You:

We all have special gifts to bring forth into the world. Parts of ourselves that are oftentimes pushed aside or not even acknowledged. Each and every one of us is a creative being because we all have things we’re naturally good at, things that light us up inside.
Qualities, skills and talents… just waiting to be given the go ahead, to be revealed in all their greatness.

Much of your personal talent and resources may have been repressed or hidden until now, due to the limitations of personal circumstances, expectations or opinions of others, the “shoulds and should nots” and the way you’ve been told to live and fit into society. 

Throughout this book, we’ll dig deeper to unearth your vast personal resources, step by step. As you read I’ll prompt you to reflect and interact with the concepts and content which will shine a light on the treasures within you.
Are you ready to join me on this exciting journey? —

Here's A Few Things You'll Discover Inside:

You'll develop your own personal insight (through exercises and life-hack experiments) as well as a practical solution (technology) to tap into your whole brain power... so that everything you learn is followed through with effortless action in the direction you want.
The Master Success Formula. A science-based four part process to implement a habit of success in your life and hard-wire it for results! 
How to use the brain's "secret language" to your advantage and reprogram your subconscious to become your Superhuman self.
Never seen before, next-level meditation for our modern world. We'll fast-track your transformation by erasing "bad" programming.
The latest medical breakthrough in neuroscience. Discover how your DNA can be encoded with new genetic information to help you become and achieve everything you want to.
And much, much more...

Access Your Subconscious "Inner Genius"

“The two most important days in your life
are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

“The whole secret of a successful life is
to find out what is one's destiny to do,
and then do it.”
“Pain nourishes courage. You can't be
brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you.”
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
“The eye sees only what the mind is
prepared to comprehend.”
“Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.”

A Deeper Look Inside The Book... 

 SECTION 2: The Breakthrough —
If you’ve already searched for solutions within the ordinary “self-help” field on how to improve your life, and haven’t gotten far, it’s not so surprising. Although methods such as visualization and affirmations can be extremely powerful, to function optimally they need a rock-solid foundation in place… which resides inside your brain.
Accessing your Stream of Consciousness - How you can decipher your inner critic and reprogram your consciousness to get rid of the negative self-talk and beliefs created by society or during your childhood. I will reveal the modern way to clean up all the “junk” that can hold you back from reaching a whole new level of consciousness and efficiency in your life.
Your brain learns and adapts in a precise manner. Your past and neuroplasticity create the wireframe of how you think and behave. Armed with a deep understanding of these principles, you’ll be able to feel and notice those extraordinary things and most importantly, gain absolute CONTROL over yourself at the primal level.
Tapping into your Core - Techniques to activate brain synchronization. Ever wonder how high-level thinkers and renowned “geniuses” consciously access their subconscious and use this as a powerful advantage for success? Easy… There’s a scientific method to reproduce their ability and heighten your mental clarity, focus, creativity, states of genius and overall intelligence.
Enhancing the Power of Self Confidence - I’ll give you a foolproof system to be able to pick which information is important enough to reach your subconscious via the conscious mind. You could compare this to the spam filter in your email box. You can have one just like that in place for your brain to filter out the “junk” that distracts you from reaching your bigger goals.
Do you ever feel like some things you do come from deep inside and that no matter what, changing yourself is nearly impossible? Your brain is made of two distinct hemispheres. The key is to access the “super learning” brain state typically found in REM sleep, while fully awake, to envoke neuroplasticity in your brain. Once you’re able to do that, you can “install upgraded hardware” that supports your goals and dreams.
The Amazing Power of Questions - How words affect your beliefs and memories on a deeper level is truly mind-blowing. I’ll share some of the things I discovered during my own journey about words and the effect (negative) that they had on my memories and belief system to make sure you avoid these traps and reach your goals faster.
 SECTION 3: The Solution —
This book was not just written to share all these exciting breakthroughs, it was written to provide you with real, actionable solutions. So now that you’re more familiar with how your brain functions, that it isn’t in a fixed state… and that you have absolute power over everything you experience in this life… The question is, how do you put that theory into practice?
Mind Body Union - Get yourself in the right state of mind and you can achieve absolute mastery over your thoughts. I’ll teach you how to reach that state of mind twice as easily, thanks to modern science.
Your memories are not only recorded in your brain. They are made through neuroplasticity and are transported throughout the body in your DNA. You’ll find out in detail how these memories are made and how you can trigger this creation process to revamp your reality at will.
Reframing Your Experience of Life - There’s one network of brain regions that communicate with each other when you’re in a particular state. Your brain is triggered to go from thought to thought restlessly outside your conscious control, causing stress, worrying and general unhappiness. Knowing how and why it happens is the only solution to regain control of your subconscious mind and remedy this habit easily.
Rewards are at the root of all habit and elicit this same chemical response. And now there's a way for you to “hack” your brain’s reward system to install new habits!
Your subconscious learned from habits you repeated in the past. Repetition is required to form new habits. Your success or failure depends on the habits you repeat. Together, we will design your new exercise routine and create the drills you’ll repeat to reach your goals in record time.
You can quickly eradicate unwanted patterns of behavior from your subconscious and replace them with new beneficial data. A well-established routine is mandatory to create a habit of success. It’s easier said than done, but again, science provides us with all the tools that we need to bypass these roadblocks.
If you’ve tried to change your routine before and failed, this is a game changer… The scientific secret to executing your routine flawlessly is to trick your brain and trigger its reward center. You’ll learn how your new routine will become another form of pleasure to support your new habits.
Knowing where to start on your path towards pursuing a goal can oftentimes seem overwhelming. You may feel like you're starting from scratch. But I assure you, you're not, not by a long shot. You already have a treasure chest of experience tucked right under your belt. Your abilities are truly and uniquely yours and have a vitally important role to play in anything new you want to accomplish.
Mindful Moments to open the Mind - We’ll go into details on how the brain and mind work and the close relation with your physical body health. The chemicals released by your brain affects your health and stress level. Controlling your mind can improve your health or even prevent disease.
From the very moment that you’re created as a human. The writing process of memories into your DNA starts. We’ll discuss advanced Epigenetic Remodeling (ER) along with some reverse engineering methods that let you rewrite memories.
DNA has its own language system. Recent studies proved that It’s possible to layer the exact data wanted onto radio wave frequencies.
Did you know you can physically grow the size of your hippocampus (the part of your brain responsible for learning)? Yes, it's true! Harvard scientists reveal it's just like exercising a muscle in your body, and here's how to do it. Mindfulness decreases amygdala size while the prefrontal cortex responsible for awareness, concentration and decision making becomes thicker.
Making your Mark with a Milestone - You can do whatever you put your mind to. Anything is possible. You’ll learn how to layout a personalized plan of action that combines everything you learned about the brain and mind to improve your abilities and control your subconscious "Inner Genius".
Consciously “tune” your mind into the brainwave state to control your stress level and relax your body. This type of relaxation promotes body rejuvenation and is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Get ready to feel stronger, younger, relaxed….
I will show how to use the latest scientific advancements to fine-tune and fast-track your own intellectual capacity.

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Get ready to embark on an exciting exploration, deep into the unknown as Christian Bryant, the head researcher at Neuro Performance Institute, awakens you to all that’s truly possible in your life.

Christian Bryant is a world renowned expert in human potential, founding one of the premier research institutes in neuroscience. As a successful speaker to tens of thousands, author of the best selling book YOUR GREATNESS REVEALED, a respected life coach and owner of multi-million dollar business ventures, he credits a majority of his success to the research and ground-breaking techniques you’ll soon discover as you open and begin to read this book.
What if you could unlock 100% of your brain’s potential and use this newfound power to create more wealth, happiness and love into your life?

What if you could let go of old wounds and trauma that’s kept you chained to a life of mediocrity, and finally live free of the stress, anger, fear and depression that hold so many of us back?

Get ready to embark on an exciting exploration, deep into the unknown as Christian Bryant, the head researcher at Neuro Performance Institute, awakens you to all that’s truly possible in your life.

If you've already tried personal development methods with disappointing results, this groundbreaking book provides an essential and overlooked missing link, necessary for any kind of successful change you want, in any area of your life.

Much more than another secret or self-help book, thoroughly supported by solid scientific research and state of the art technological advancements, Neuro Performance Institute offers a simple solution to shape your inner genius, successfully materialize your goals and fulfil your ultimate purpose.

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